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The Musings of a Bank's Internal Inspector

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Reminiscences of a Retired Bank Officer.

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Learn Functioning of banks in the past versus present

The author takes us through narration of his experience in the Bank in different capacities, from his entry as Clerk till cessation of his services as Officer in scale V for around four decades and later in his performance as an audit manager in an audit firm of around one and a half decade.

Presents a comprehensive view of functioning of banks at macro and micro level of branches

The book gives a picture of developments occurred in the banking sector in India over the past six decades like from manual to digital operations, purely commercial to developmental to a mixed system

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Gives details of bank auditing processes, techniques of internal, concurrent, management and statutory types

  • Consultation

    Offering advice and guidance to financial organisations in improving their performance and achieving objectives of the organisation.

  • Audit

    To ensure that the books of accounts are properly maintained by the Organisations as required by law and the guidelines of the management followed in principle and practice.

  • Assurance Service

    Providing independent and professional opinion to reduce overflow of information risk and make more informed and needful actions.

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R/Evolution in Banking

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